Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The One Hundred

Fashion guru Nina Garcia has a book out called the 'The One Hundred'. This book is AMAZING. It's a pretty elaborate version of the usual lists your used to reading in magazines. I can say that after reading this over there are VERY little things on this list that I do not agree with.

Here's the list breakdown:

A: A-line Dress, Animal Print, Ankle Bootie, Aviators

B: Ballet Flat, Bangles, Belts, Bikini, BlackBerry, Black Opaque Tights, Blazer, Boyfriend Cardigan, Brooch

C: Cable-Knit Sweater, Caftan, Camel Coat, Cape, Cashmere Sweater, Charm Bracelet, Clutch, Cocktail Ring, Converse, Cosmetics Bag, Cowboy Boots, Cuff

D: Denim Jacket, Diamond Studs, Driving Shoe

E: Espadrilles, Evening Gown, Exotic Skin Bag

F: Fishnets, Frye Harness Boot, Fur

G: Gentlemen's Hat, Gloves

H: Havaianas, Hobo Bag, Hoop Earrings

I: Investment Bag, iPod

J: Jeans, Jewelry Pouches

K: Khakis, Knee Boots

L: Leather Pants, Lingerie, Little Black Dress, Little White Dress, L.L. Bean Tote, Luggage

M: Mad Money, Man's White Shirt, Mary Janes, Minnetonka Moccasin, Missoni Knit, Monogrammed Stationery, Motorcycle Jacket

N: Nail Polish

O: Old Concert T-Shirt, One-Piece Swimsuit

P: Pajamas, Peacoat, Pearl Necklace, Pencil Skirt, Perfume, Plain White Tee, Polo Shirt, Pucci, Push-Up Bra

Q: Quality Champagne

R: Red Lipstick, Robe

S: Safari Jacket, Sandals, Sarong, Signet Ring, Silk Scarf, Slippers, Spanx, Statement Necklace, Stilettos, Striped Sailor Shirt, Suit, Sunhat

T: Trench, Turquoise and Coral Jewelry, Tuxedo Jacket

U: Umbrella, Underwear

V: Valid Passport, Vans, Vintage

W: Watch, Wayfarers, Wellington Boot, Wide-Leg Trousers, Wrap Dress

X: (nothing for the X)

Y: Yoga Gear

Z: Zippered Hoodie

I italiced all of those that I just dont think are for me per say, but the list is pretty amazing. It's so amazing in fact I think I'm going to put this on my new years resolution list for 2011. I'll bold as I collect my wardrobe essentials. :)

Adding to the list for myself:
Appropriate Short Shorts, Burberry Scarf, Cognac Riding Boots (Frey's harness boots are too chunky for my short legs), Perfect Strapless Bra

I'll keep you posted.

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Samantha said...

Ali I LOVE your blog! You're an amazing chick :)